Wink The fate of the Rohingya sank, Citizen Morocco to Indonesia Nekad

By August 27, 2015 14:03

Wink The fate of the Rohingya sank, Citizen Morocco to Indonesia Nekad

NORTH ACEH – Faqieh Othman, Moroccans, for the first time stepping on the Earth Indonesia. The goal, a closer look Rohingya refugees, which he called “my Moslem brothers.” Through a variety of media, including websites English version, Othman admitted to stay abreast of the most persecuted ethnic luck in the world.

With the money he collected during a year working as a civil engineer in France, Othman decided to conduct its first humanitarian trip to Indonesia, to visit his Muslim brothers.

Come alone, Othman fairly desperate. Because the location of the refugees away from the capital of Indonesia, and different island anyway. But thanks to information technology more sophisticated, namely the internet, Othman easily get to the location of Rohingya refugees in Kuala Langsa (Langsa), Birem Bayeun (East Aceh), and last stay overnight in the complex Integrated Community Shelter (ICS) in Blang Adoe , Kuta Makmur, North Aceh.

“I ask a lot of locations Rohingya refugees in Indonesia, while up in Jakarta. Where Langsa? where Aceh? Then I call the phone number on the website ACT ACT, I was given a number of volunteers ACT in Jakarta. Then I flew to Medan, a short bus ride to Langsa, then ushered volunteers ACT volunteers looked at Langsa and East Aceh, “said Othman (in English fairly fluent), Tuesday (25/8). Othman said the condition of refugees in ICS is better than that in Langsa.

Men from Polizzaro, Moroccan southern part of this plan will deliver the results of a visit to the Rohingya refugee camps in Indonesia to a small NGO in Morocco 15 members (brother Othman active in it) and will raise funds to help the Rohingya via ACT.

Related ICS, while thumbs Othman commented, “You have been doing a good job.”

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By August 27, 2015 14:03

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