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Updates: Some Monks Attempted to Trigger Violence in Than Dwe Today

Updates: Some Monks Attempted to Trigger Violence in Than Dwe Today
August 27
15:54 2013

M.S. Anwar

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August 27, 2013

Than Dwe, ArakanAfter anti-Muslim Gathering at the monastery of Thin-Gwin Kyaung (or Lay-Myat-Na Kyaung) in Than Dwe Township yesterday (Click Here For The Earlier Report), Rakhine extremists kept trying to trigger violence against Muslims until late night. However, some fair-minded monks and security forces prevented the extremists from creating violence.

However, this (on August 24, 2013) afternoon, around 3PM, some monks and around 500 Rakhine extremists attempted to attack three Muslim boys feeding their goats grass at the Quarter One Muslim cemetry in Than Dwe.

Three Muslims boys feeding grass to their goats at the Quarter 1 Muslim Cemetry located by the Ngapali-Cho Road. It was around 3PM, suddenly some monks from the nearby monastery came down to attack the boys for nothing. So, other Muslims passing by the grave went to the grave for their rescue. Soon after, around 500 Rakhines gathered very quickly.

As they were about to attack Muslims, Secuirty Force came and called on head monks of the monastery. With their help, they dispersed the Rakhine crowd. Now, the situation has calmed down and secuirty has been tightened” said a local of Than Dwe.

Than Dwe Township (Photo: Google Map)

Than Dwe Township (Photo: Google Map)

Meanwhile, the 969 extremists failed to trigger violence in Taung Okkalapa, Yangon. They have been trying to trigger violence since yesterday. Yesterday evening, a masked man on his motorcycle (apparently from 969 gang) attacked a Buddhist woman passing by. However, locals gathered in time to prevent further violence. When people were rushing to rescue the woman, the masked man fled. The woman lodged a Police complaint afterwards according to local source.



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