UNHCR Ambassador John Abraham Meet Rohingya and other Refugees in India

By June 24, 2015 03:19

UNHCR Ambassador John Abraham Meet Rohingya and other Refugees in India

By Ali Johar

New Dehli (Rohingya Vision) – Bollywood star and celebrity supporter of UNHCR India, Johh Abraham, met Rohingya and other refugees at New Dehli in India on the World Refugee Day for the second time last Saturday.

Mr. John Abraham, the UNHCR Ambassador of India, met refugees from Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Afghanistan and Somalia to hear their respective painful stories. He found that the stories of the refugees are extremely tragic.

Mr. Abraham said “the plight of refugees not only in India but all over the world has to be taken note of.”

Jaafar Alam, one of four youth leaders of ‘Genius Rohingya Youth Club (GRYC),’ living at Shaheen Bagh in New Dehli, met with the ambassador representing Rohingya Refugees in India.

Mr. Abrahman replied, upon asking by Jaafar how much he was aware of the plight of the Rohingya Refugees in India and other countries, “I have been regularly informed by UNHCR on your plight. I have met you guys once before. Regularly, I research on internet on the plight of the Rohingya Refugees.

Besides, I am well aware of the recent boat crisis of the Rohingya refugees.”

Then, Jaafar narrated the plight of his persecuted people in Myanmar, why he had to leave the country and the situation he faces after arriving in India.

He said (to Mr. Abraham) “he had to take an official permission even for travelling from one village to another. Men are forcefully taken by the Myanmar army to work as labourers. Many have never returned, nobody knows if they are dead or alive. Even to get married, we need to take permission from the government. They refuse to recognise us as equal citizens,” Jafar said. He finds going back to his native land a far dream. Though this new land has not imposed restrictions on him, there exists a thick air of distrust between the refugees and the locals. Finding a well-paid job is very difficult for him and people from his community. He wishes to study but earning enough to make the ends meet is his first priority.

Mr. Abraham is also quoted to have said that he is planning to do something for the betterment of the Rohingya Refugees and doing film on the refugees in India in which the plight of the Rohingya Refugees could be a part of.

He further added “if you wish to study and want to become doctors, engineers and others, I will use my contacts with UNHCR and will find out a solution. For that, representatives from your community should keep in touch with me in the future.

So, don’t worry.”

Johh Jaafar

Jaafar with John Abraham, the UNHCR Ambassador of India (Photo: GRYC)

Moreover, reports have been that the Rohingya Refugees in India are purportedly ignored and kept aside by UNHCR India sometimes even saying that there is no help for them. Each of them holds a UNHCR Refugee Card but they find no difference in their lives with or without the cards. Their future is in limbo.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

Note: Materials from The Hindu Newspaper are also used in this report. Hence, due credit goes to the newspaper.

About Rohingya Genius Youth Club in India= A club of the Rohingya Refugee Youths in India. It raises the voice of the refugees in India, creates awareness of the plight of the world’s persecuted Rohingya and promotes their cultures and talents internationally. It has sixty youth members; and four leaders: Jaafar Alam, Abdul Khan, Kohi Noor and Ismail Khan; and one coordinator, Ali Johar. 

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By June 24, 2015 03:19

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