Two Rohingya Fishermen Shot to Death by BGP, Four Missing

By January 14, 2016 10:58

Two Rohingya Fishermen Shot to Death by BGP, Four Missing

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – Two Rohingya fishermen were shot to death by Burmese (Myanmar) Border Guard Police (BGP) in northern Maungdaw last Sunday, while four other fishermen have been missing since then, the local sources report.

The (deceased) victims are identified to be teenagers, Rafique (son of) U Sayed Alam and Farid (nephew of) U Osman hails from ‘Kappa Gaung’ hamlet of Shwezar (Shujah) village tract in northern Maungdaw.

It has been learnt that around 09:30PM on January 10, both of them set off with a boat for fishing in the Naff River after taking permission from the Border Guard Police Camp (BGP) No. 14 known as ‘Kayin Chaung’ BGP camp. There four other fishermen that set off along with them by two small boats, with two people on a boat.

Soon fifteen minutes after their departures, sounds of the serial gunshots were heard by the local people. It has been reported that, when the locals made to the place to know what had happened, they found out that the BGP from the No.1 POE (Point of Entrance/Exit) Camp patrolling with a speedboat shot the two teenage fishermen to death at a point-blank range.

The bullet hit right at an eye of the one victim, while the bullet pierced through the head of another after hitting at his forehead. Soon after killing of the fishermen, the BGP left the place scene of the deadly incident.

12516585_1681001245518065_1951852529_nTheir dead bodies were found floating on a boat in the river around 10:00AM next morning. After post-mortem in Maungdaw General Hospital, the authorities handed the bodies to their respective family members around 6:00PM of the day (i.e. on Monday).

“The authorities including the responsible BGP Commander of the No.2 BGP Battalion based in ‘Ngakura (Nagpura)’ village have failed to take actions against the criminal BGP members that killed the two innocent people. The culprits police gave an excuse that they killed those people for they found thousands of ‘Yaba (WY)’ tablets with them on their boat.

This is a false excuse for the killings. They were simple fishermen. On top of that, even if they were found with the alleged drugs, they could be arrested and put on trials at maximum, which is according to the law here.

If the people can be killed for drugs trading, what about the Rakhines in ‘Aung Bala’ hamlet of ‘Shwe Zar’ village tract and ‘Wimala’ hamlet of Quarter 3? Most of them have been complitcit in exporting Yaba tablets and other drugs to Bangladesh for years and buying weapons and sponsoring Arakan Army (AA) and Arakan Liberation Army (ALA) with the money they get from selling drugs!

Or does the existing laws do not imply on Rakhines but only on Rohingyas? In fact, nobody can be killed under a false accusation or for mere suspicions,” said a local Rohingya student in Maungdaw.

Meanwhile, the four other people that left with two boats along with the victims killed have still been missing. They are also believed to have been killed.

A young Rohingya man was also killed by the Border Guard Police at a point-blank range on December 7, 2015. (Read Report HERE)

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By January 14, 2016 10:58

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