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Two Killed and Dozens Arrested in Raids in Northern Buthidaung

RVision TV News | January 7, 2017

Buthidaung — Two Rohingya civilians have been tortured to death and scores arrested in a series of sporadic raids by the Myanmar armed forces on the villages across northern Buthidaung, local sources say.

Many other villagers were severely tortured including the two people that died from tortures and many more were arrested during a day-long siege of the village the village of ‘Maung Gyi Taung’ locally known as ‘Shaab Bazaar’ on Wednesday (Jan 4). The two people tortured to death are identified as Abdullah (22), s/o Mohammed Amin and Jahanghir (23), s/o Amiruddin.

Dozens of women in the village were reported to have been molested during the siege on Jannuary 4, 2017. Reportedly, three other women have also gone missing from the village since then.

At least 300 people were beaten and arrested, of whom 245 people were released later after extortion of ransom, during a series of raids on a number of Rohingya villages — such as Maung Gyi Taung, Darpaing Sayar, Nga Chin Tauk and Mee Chaung Zay — in northern Buthidaung between January 4 and January 6 .

Of more than 50 civilians still detained, the Myanmar State Counsellor Office Information Committee declared four people as militants through its official Facebook justifying the military offensives and continuing its media propaganda. The villagers labelled as militants are from Maung Gyi Taung village and identified as: 1) Mohammed Tarek, 2) Kamaru, 3) Dil Mohammed and 4) Mohammed Ullah.

A joint force of 150 Myanmar military and Border Guard Police (BGP) launched raids on the village also known as ‘Shaab Bazaar’ on Wednesday (January 4) and on its adjacent villages on the following days on pretext of searching the weapons stolen from the arsenal of the BGP Headquarter in Maungdaw on October 9, 2016.

Update: On 7th January 2017, the Myanmar military demanded 30 Rohingya women from the figureheads in MaungGyiTaung village in northern Buthidaung to use them as sex slaves the village administrator and his son were

The figureheads, in the absence of the village administrator of MaungGyiTaung, refused to fulfill the military’s barbaric demand. So, they were tortured. The village administrator, Mr. Ibrahim, and his son, Mohammed Shah, have been arrested by the military earlier.

Most men in the village have fled in fear of arbitrary arrests. So, the military are now seizing ‘Family Registration Lists’ and ‘Post-Handover ‘White Card’ Receipts’ from the Rohingya families in the village.

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Editor’s Note: It’s proving to be difficult to receive information from the villagers located in the remote areas in northern most Buthidaung, where transportation and telecommunication systems are very poor. However, from the reports we have received so far, we can safely conclude that the Myanmar armed forces are committing worse or similar atrocity crimes that they have committed earlier in ‘Koetankauk’ village of Rathedaung Township and in Northern Maungdaw region.

[Reports by Aung Aung and Aung Kyaw Hla; Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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