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Township Administration Revoke the Ban on Religious Education

The Maungdaw Township Administration revoked the ban on the Islamic Religious Education last Saturday, an inside source reports

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan State

(RVision TV) – The Maungdaw Township Administrator U Hla Myint issued an order on September 2 effectively prohibiting the teaching of Islamic Religious Education not only in the schools but also in anyone’s residence.

However, he cancelled the ban during his monthly meeting with the village administrators under his administration.

“The ban of the religious was imposed on September 2 and was can cancelled during our meeting with him on Saturday,” said an administrator of a Rohingya village on the condition of anonymity.

The order issued under the letter no. 5/45-3/Oo 6 (3030) on September 2 states “the administrators/the temporary administrators of the villages in Maungdaw Township “must prevent teaching the Islamic Religious Education both in the Religious Schools and in anyone’s Residence under their administrators; submit the lists of the teachers teaching the religious education and the owners of the residences where the classes on religious education is being conducted; and if anyone fails to follow the order, the proper action will be taken against him/her.”

The order issued by the Maungdaw Township Administration banning the teaching of Islamic Religious Education not only in the schools but also in anyone’s residence (Photo: Rohingya Mirror)

Such an order on the ban of the Islamic Education came in sharp contrast to the “Article 34 of 2008 Constitution of Myanmar” which gives the nationals of Myanmar the freedom of worship if it doesn’t conflicts with “the law and order, the public morals, the public health and the other articles of the constitution.”

A local on the cancellation of the ban on the religious education said “we became very sad as we were unable to conduct the religious education to the children because of the arbitrary order. And hence, we warmly welcome the cancellation of the order. We are very happy too.”

The locals are thankful to the higher authorities of the Myanmar government that had instructed the township administration to revoke the order issued against the current constitution just to curb their right to the freedom of worship.

Nevertheless, it is yet to be seen if the local Rohingyas are practically allowed to resume conducting the religious education in the township as the cancellation of the ban didn’t come in the form of an official letter but came only as verbal cancellation.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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