Township Administration Orders to Demolish Rohingya Homes

By December 1, 2016 15:17

Township Administration Orders to Demolish Rohingya Homes

By Rohingya Mirror | RVison TV News

Maungdaw – Over a dozen of Rohingya homes in ‘Kamauk Seik’ Township have been demolished under the order of the township administrator in the last few days.

The township administrator have alleged the villagers of ‘Chong Naphei’ and ‘Aung Thabyay’ of building many homes illegally and subsequently ordered them to demolish the homes through their respective village administrators.

Over 19 Rohingya homes have been demolished up until now and many more likely to be demolished in the coming three days.

“They summon us to the village administration office and order us to destroy our homes under several arbitrary allegations. They destroyed 4 houses last Saturday (on November 27) alleging that there were two houses under one household (family).

“‘Is it a good excuse to destroy our homes?’ They are simply destroying our homes because they can’t burnt them down as it can be seen from satellites,” said a villager at Aung Thabyay.

The homes were built during the period of Nasaka (the former Border Security Forces and predecessor of the Border Guard Police) with their permissions and have been included in all the ‘Household Location Maps’ drawn by the authorities in every ‘Household Inquiry.’

“They are destroying our homes because they want to force us to leave our homeland” the villager added.

The houses destroyed at ‘Chong Naphei’ village belong to the following the people.

1Sayed HusseinMohammed Nasim
2Abul HusseinMohammed Nasim
3Zahid HusseinMohammed
5Abdu ShafiSayed Hussein
6Ali joharAsho Zama
7KamalMukhtar Ahmed
8AyubMukhtar Ahmed
9LalayaSiddique Ahmed
10Abu TaherShomshu
11Abu ToyubShomshu
12Nooruz ZamanIshaaque
13Mohammed ToyubBashir
14Noor AlamAbdul Matlib
15Murshid AlamZafar
16Noor AlamNoju Meah
17Ma SajidaAbdu Shafi
18Khairul AminSayedul Amin
19Jahangir AlamAbdul Manaf

Similarly, the administrator has ordered to destroy all sub-homes or separate homes that fall under single family/household list in the areas of ‘Regional Commands 1 and 2.’

Kamauk Seik Township is a newly formed township in northern Maungdaw under Maungdaw District.

2) Household Inquiry is a kind of population census specially designed for Rohingya and conducted twice every year since early 1990s.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By December 1, 2016 15:17

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