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A Scholarly Challenge to U Wirathu, the So-Called Defender of Faith

A Scholarly Challenge to U Wirathu, the So-Called Defender of Faith
June 11
14:49 2015

By Qutub Shah

For a couple of years, an evil-actor Burmese Buddhist monk known as Ashin Wirathu (a.k.a U Win Naing Oo), the leader of the 969 Movement, is notorious globally for his evil actions against Muslims. I would like to convey this message to that convicted criminal prisoner of 2003.

Mr. Wirathu, since 2001 you have committed many anti-Muslim immoral crimes such as killing, spreading hatred speech, abusing, infuriating, instigating, fabricating false rape cases, etc. This is your slogan to defame Muslim community: “မြတ္စလိမ္ ရွိရင္ မုဒိန္းရိွရမယ္။” meaning “where there is Muslim, there will be rapes (of women).” But you are pretending as if you forget the fact that “ဘုန္းႀကီး ရွိရင္ျပႆနာ ရိွရမယ္။” meaning “where there is monk (like you), there will be problems.”

Mr. Wirathu, as per my knowledge about Buddhism, Buddhism is totally free from these evils and akusala, and totally disagrees with you. If a religion really supports these kinds of dirty deeds you commit, that religion must be revised.

Mr. Wirathu, if you really allege that the sacred book of Buddhism Tipitaka justifies your akusala actions, I would like to challenge you for a scholarly debate. If you can prove even a single verse from Tipitaka that supports your evils, I am ready to shave my head. Otherwise, you must take off your robe and admit that you are a criminal. You have the option to choose any version of Tipitaka.

Finally, I also would like to make the blind followers of Wirathu aware of his misuse of the holiness of Buddhist Tiratana (the three gems) not to be subjugated before him.

Instead of supporting the criminals in destabilizing the society in the name of religion and the protection of the faith, every follower of the religions should uphold pure religious values to address the problems and issues of concern to human, had better understand the principles of religious teachings to be harnessed to the service of humanity based on mutual respect; and to promote the culture of dialogue especially for reconciliation, mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence.

QSQutub Shah is a student of Comparative Religions and currently a post-graduate student at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). The challenge for debate is made by him and doesn’t necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Rohingya Vision TV. He can be reached at:

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