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Swedish Radio Pays a Visit to RVision Station in Malaysia

Swedish Radio Pays a Visit to RVision Station in Malaysia
January 08
03:27 2015

By Azizah

Kuala Lumpur (Rohingya Vision) — A journalist representing Swedish Radio, a public service radio in Sweden, paid a visit Rvision station in Malaysia yesterday as a part of the coverage by the radio service of the Rohingya situation in exile.

According to the purpose of the journalist, Ms. Aasa Furuhagen, the purpose of her visit to Malaysia is to study on the Rohingya TV channel ‘RVision,’ cover the situation of Rohingya refugees in Malaysia and socio-economic issues and the opinions of the Muslim Rohingyas on Islamophobia in the west.

“I have been introduced to the Myanmar affairs in 2008. And I came to know about Rohingya people in 2010 through Rohingya community in Sweden and other sources.  However, my interest in the Rohingya issues has deepened especially since the violence in 2012. Especially minorities like Rohingyas are scapegoated as a political tool for the political gains!

Therefore, we feel we should raise our voice for the persecuted Rohingyas and help them in the way possible for us on the ground of humanity.

Besides, in the bigger picture, if Rohingyas are not helped and their problems are not solved, it may create regional and global problems as well” said Ms. Furuhagen.

Elaborating further, she added “I have come to study how RVision, the first Rohingya TV Channel operates; why it has been liked by the mass Rohingyas.

Moreover, being a journalist, my main concern is to create the awareness of Rohingya problems as well as around the globe. I believe the Swedish government is also interested in Rohingya issues.

Other than this, I intend to cover on the socio-economic problems of Rohingyas in Malaysia and seek their opinions on the increasing Islamophobia in the west.”

During the visit, she interviewed Mr. Muhammed Noor, the Managing Director of RVision, and the staffs on the problems of the Rohingyas at home and abroad and the possible solutions; the purpose behind the establishment of RVision TV.

She also has talked about the possible collaborations with RVision TV in the future.

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