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Special Police Intensifies Atrocities in Maungdaw

By RVISION Correspondents

Maungdaw: Yesterday, Burmese armed forces including special police personnel conducted raids in different villages in Maungdaw; and tortured innocent Rohingyas, looted many shops and destroyed Religious structures (Morkoz).

At around 11 AM, the military along with special police, while raiding Ludaing (Du Den) village, looted many shops. From those 3 shops alone, they looted 50000, 70000 and 100000 kyats respectively; and moved towards the central Mosque (Morkoz) and vandalized the religious structure.

Moreover it is known that many people were tortured and humiliated while raiding, where many jumped into lake and vanished in hilly areas to save themselves from police atrocities and are heard to be missing.

Similarly in Olegprang village military beaten and tortured a Rohingya woman and 3 men leading to heavy injuries and bleeding. Due to injuries the woman is in critical condition now and is expected to die soon as no immediate medical facility is available.

Since 9th October, military started a new form of genocidal scheme openly on Rohingyas, which was going on behind the veil since the start of the GENOCIDE in 1942.

Compiled and Edited by: Arifa

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