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Security Force Act Arbitrarily against Rohingya IDP to Inflame Violence

Security Force Act Arbitrarily against Rohingya IDP to Inflame Violence
May 11
09:12 2014

Saeed Arakani

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Sittwe (Akyab), Arakan state– Security Force (Hlun Htein) in charge of the security of IDP camps in Sittwe (Akyab) has been arbitrarily acting against internally displaced Rohingyas at the camps with a view to inflaming violence. They have, for no reason, arrested and beaten some internally displaced Rohingyas in Sethama Gyi Camps and Thay Chaung camps in recent days.

“Post 12 O’ Clock midnight on 10th May 2014, Security Force (Hlun Htein) raided IDP camps at Sethama Gyi (Boddil) saying that they were looking for some drug addicts. However, they arrested a few Rohingya youths chatting outside their camps as it was too hot inside. When other people tried to prevent the Hlun Hteins from arresting and taking the youths away from the camps, they fired some warning shots using lead bullets. The youths were detained at the house of administrator of Sethanma Gyi.

Around 11:00PM on 10th May 2014, some members of Hlun Hteins arrived at the mosque nearby Thay Chaung (Sakki Fara) bridge of Thay Chaung Lat Thama village. They started interrogating people who have repaired the mosque and why. That too at night!

And they arrested four innocent Rohingyas under the pretext of the repairing the mosque. When some other people tried to advance towards the Hlun Hteins to free the people they had arrested, they threw stones at the people and the mosque. Besides, they said they would destroy the mosque as it was repaired without permission” said an internally displaced Rohingyas at the camp.

“We strongly feel they are acting arbitrarily so as to provoke us to retaliate. It will give them a chance to trigger another round of violence against us. That’s why we are trying to avoid them as much as possible. They have started provoking us especially after Kyauk Phyu conference. However, somebody needs to get them to stop the arbitrary acts” he continued.



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