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Rohingyas’ Miseries Escalate Under Cruel Rakhine Police

Rohingyas’ Miseries Escalate Under Cruel Rakhine Police
July 24
16:19 2013

Burmese HMD

RVisionTV News

(Northern Maung Daw, Arakan) on 24th July 2013

“Nowadays, there is not a single day that goes by without beating, torture and money extortion by Racist Rakhine Police in northern Maung Daw” said a Rohingya Elder living in the region.

It has been very often reported that since the abolition of NaSaKa (Border Security Force made up of majority Burmans), Rakhine Police has got all the rights and power to oppress Rohingya Muslims. “While NaSaKa acted and oppressed Rohingyas only upon the higher officials’ orders, racist Rakhine Police are oppressing Rohingyas out of their racial hatred and hostility and to fulfill their political ambition as well” another Rohingya reported a few days ago.

On 20th June 2013, at the checkpoint by the Balu Khali-Kumir Khali Bridge, northern Maung Daw,  at least four Rohingyas were arrested without any reason and severely tortured by a Police Officer named Saya Na Pei.

“Rakhine Police replaced NaSaKa at the checkpoint by the bridge between the two villages: Balu Khali and Kumir Khali. Now, every day, they are causing troubles to Rohingya passers-by. On 20th June 2013, four Rohinyas were arrested and tortured by the Rakhine Police Officer, Saya Na Pei. The four victims are:

1)     Mv Alawaddin S/o Mv Abdul Waqif (38) from Kowan Si Bong [Kwan Thi Byin]

2)     Mv Bashir Ullah S/o Ismail (40) from Kumir Khali [Leik Ya – Right]

3)     Abul Fayadz S/o Qasim (30) from Zum Khada, Kumir Khali [Leik Ya- Right]

4)     Noor Mohammad S/o (35) Abdu Shokkor, Kumir Khali [Leik Ya-Right]

It was around 11 am; Mv Alawaddin together with his wife was on his way to visit his father-in-law, Mv Bashir Ullah, in the village of Kumir Khali.  The father-in-law was on his way to receive his son-in-law. They all happened to meet at the bridge checkpoint. Meanwhile, the latter two, Abul Fayadz and Noor Mohammed, are fishermen and earn their livelihoods legally. They were stopped by the Police on their ways to work. They altogether were arrested and taken into the camp.

They were severely beaten and tortured until 2PM of the day. They were released afterwards. Till date, no money extortion has been reported” said a villager of Kumir Khali.



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