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Rohingya’s Evacuated Villages Looted Shamelessly by Hindus & Moghs

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 16th December 2017

Maungdaw: A Mosque (Masjid) and evacuated Rohingya houses in different villages have been either destroyed or dismantled to loot the properties in different villages of Maungdaw Township, reports suffering locals.

A Mosque located in Quarter 5 of Khalabanfara village of Bolu village track have been entirely destructed and looted under the watch of government authorities. The village have been evacuated entirely by blazing in late august 2017, where along with the mosque Rohingya houses are also dismantled every day to loot the household goods along with bamboos walls and roofs of the houses. Most of the lootings are conducted by Rakhines (Moghs) along with Hindus.

Similar incidences took place in Mangala (Tha Ra Oo) village where Rakhines (Moghs) in collaboration with Hindus continued their looting on Rohingya houses and Burmese police from nearby police station never stop their criminal activities. “We thought at least now Police will help us as they are witnessing the crimes, but they never stop them instead they act as if they are blind in those cases” explains one of the victim.

Vandalizing religious structures and looting Rohingya properties became a usual crime in Arakan (Rakhine), where remaining Rohingyas are pushed towards the edge of extinction  after displacing more than a million towards Bangladesh.

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