‘Rohingya Vision’ brings to light the massacre of innocents

By December 3, 2016 18:37

‘Rohingya Vision’ brings to light the massacre of innocents

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  • Burned villages in Northern Maungdaw. Image by: RVISION

With the world largely unaware or unaffected enough to take stock, a group of dedicated journalists are working hard to bring the tales of the persecuted Rohingyas to light.

They peel away the layers of ignorance, unfolding the distant story of a persecuted people, long since hidden by the Myanmar government, reportedly since 1942.

These journalists are working to bring to life the screams and cries of a community in the throes of agony.

Established on April 21, 2012, Rohingya Vision (Rvision) is the first Internet-based TV news station dedicated to the Rohingya community.

Headquartered in Saudi Arabia, the TV channel also has offices in Malaysia, Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

It has its own team of journalists and photographers, with a total workforce of 42 people altogether, including 20 correspondents in Myanmar and 12 staff operating from Malaysia.

RVision journalist and anchor Arifa Sultana told Malaysiakini that although the team come from Myanmar, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and even Cyprus, all of them are Rohingya by ancestry…

Source: Malaysiakini

Read more: https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/365025#ixzz4RlnSrC5j



By December 3, 2016 18:37

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