Rohingya Students Tell Rohingya Sufferings in Global Ummatic Week at IIUM

By December 1, 2015 18:11

Rohingya Students Tell Rohingya Sufferings in Global Ummatic Week at IIUM

By M.S. Anwar

Kuala Lumpur (Rohingya Vision) – The Rohingya students told the world about the extreme sufferings of Rohingyas in Myanmar as they took part in the Global Ummatic Festival Week held at International Islamic University (IIUM), Malaysia, from 22nd November 2015 to 30th November 2015.

The University is home for many international students and staffs from different parts of the world.

The event is held at the university every year with a view to promoting and helping realize the vision and mission of the university, integration, Islamization, internationalisation and comprehensive excellence; exposing and appreciating cultural diversity in IIUM Community as a catalyst towards; strengthening the spirit of brotherhood and enhancing the spirit of caring and helping among the IIUM Community; and providing a universal platform for the students and staff to exchange ideas as a way to understand and appreciate each other.

Global Ummatic Festival (3)

Ms. Zaiton explaining the Rohingya sufferings to a visiting well-wisher in the Global Ummatic Festival IIUM 2015. (Photo: Salim/Rohingya Vision)

During the festival, the Rohingya students led by mostly from Saudi Arabia such as Mr. Abdullah, Mr. Sohaib, Ms. Zaitun, Mr. Faizal, Mr. Faizal and others registered a Booth in the festival in order to tell the inhumane sufferings of the international students and staffs of the University and others visiting the festival. As a result of hundreds of people visited the booth counter to know about the Rohingya crisis in Arakan, showed their solidarity and supports for the Rohingyas.

Global Ummatic Festival (1)

Mr. Sohaib explains Rohingya crisis in the Global Ummatic Festival IIUM 2015. (Photo: Salim/Rohingya Vision)

“There are some people visited us who didn’t know anything about Rohingya and Arakan. They were completely unaware of the crisis. But Alhamdulillah, with this effort, we were able to aware more people about the sufferings of the Rohingyas in Arakan and Burma,” said Sohaib, a student at IIUM.

“They showed their solidarity. And they promised that they would the Rohingya issue via news and reports daily,” he continued.

Right from Running Competition, Cultural Exhibitions, Cultural Performances, Islamic Arts, Public Talks and Forum, Food Fair, Sister’s Cultural Night to the ‘most number of students in traditional costumes’ costume on the cultural display on the Closing Day night were among various different events held and activities conducted in the week-long festival.

“Now, we are happy as they are praying for our people.

So, we need to do more events like this. We need to explain about Rohingyas to the international community to get their supports. Else, our crisis won’t be known to the world and we won’t get their supports,” Sohaib added.

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By December 1, 2015 18:11

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