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Rohingya Refugee Youths in Bangladesh Abducted and Trafficked to Thailand

A buried skeleton, uncovered at the Thai border jungle camp today Photo by Maikom Sadao Rescue

Rohingya Refugee Youths in Bangladesh Abducted and Trafficked to Thailand
May 15
05:10 2015

By Mohammed Saifullah

Teknaf, Bangladesh (Rohingya Vision) — Around seven Rohingya refugee teenagers in Teknaf, Bangladesh, have been abducted by Human Traffickers and subsequently, smuggled them by boats to Thailand.

On 15th April, 2015 seven young registered refugees went to watch football match at Hnila, Teknaf, and Cox’s Bazaar district but didn’t return home in the evening. The guardians thought that their sons went to visit somewhere as they were students and friends.

The guardians searched them frantically but didn’t get any clues and got calls from their sons on 1st May, 2015 from the numbers: +66950191219, +66619634348, +66619634375, and 66620781560.

When the guardians asked them why they are calling from Thailand and how they reached there, they replied that they were caught by some people and taken to Teknaf. During dark at night, the people ascended them on boat and the boat took them to Thailand. The sons told that there are two boats floating away from Thailand coast and more than 2000 people on board including children and females. They also mentioned that people on board are suffering from various kinds of diseases, starving and dying too. The registered refugees are:

  1. Abdul Hashim 25, s/o: Nur Ahmed, MRC: 38852, Block: F, Shed: 26.
  2. Mohammed Salam 20, s/o: Nurul Islam, MRC: 24874, Block: D, Shed: 07.
  3. Sadek Hossain 19, s/o: Salah Ahmed, MRC: 60009, Block: E, Shed: 01.
  4. Mohammed Younus 18, s/o: Ahmed Ullah, MRC: 61027, Block: F, Shed: 23.
  5. Mohammed Zubair 20, nakename……Dilwar Hossain, s/o: Dil Mohammed, MRC: 47716, Block: F, Shed: 72.
  6. Abdu Rahman, s/o: Amir Sultan, MRC: 52097, Block: F, Shed: 71.
  7. Shafik Ahmed 16, s/o: Ali San, Block: F, Shed: 46.

They guardians are not hearing anything good or bad about their sons where they are and how they are.  The human traffickers are unable to descend them either in Thailand or Malaysia because of the problem happened in the traffiker’s camp in Thailand.

Plea to the International Authority by the Rohingya Refugees in Teknaf:

We are warmly requesting you to save our sons lives including the other on the boats from the harsh plight sending the rescuing teams to the sea around Thailand.

In these circumstances stated above, we pray and hope that you would be kind enough to draw your sharp attention and rescue the suffering people from the risky boats as soon as possible.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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