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Rohingya Muslims could go back to Burma, says minister

A Burmese minister on Monday proposed taking back hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who fled to Bangladesh after a military crackdown, according to Dhaka’s top diplomat.

However, no details of the planned repatriation were given by Bangladesh Foreign Minister A.H Mahmood Ali, and there was widespread scepticism over whether any of the Muslim Rohingya now in Bangladesh would return.

Half a million have arrived over the last five weeks after militant attacks in Burma’s Rakhine state sparked violent reprisals.

The United Nations has said the attacks carried out by the Burmese military could amount to ethnic cleansing in the Buddhist-dominated country.

The talks between Mr Mahmood Ali and Burma’s Minister of the Office of State Counselor Kyaw Tint Swe came as UN representatives were allowed to access Rakhine for the first time since the crisis erupted on August 25.

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