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Rohingya Miseries Continue: Daily Plunders and Arbitrary Arrests by NaSaKa

Rohingya Miseries Continue: Daily Plunders and Arbitrary Arrests by NaSaKa
July 06
14:58 2013

Ya Tin

RVision News

July 06, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan– NaSaKas (Border Security Force) led by Captain Zaw Min Htwe from the camp located at the village of Shwe-Rin-Aye nearby the village of Khadir Bil (Nyaung Chaung), Maung Daw, plunder Rohingyas’ Live stocks and their properties on daily basis. On top of that, at 8AM on 5th July 2013, NaSaKas arbitrarily arrested and detained two Rohingya fish-sellers selling fish at the bazaar in the said village of Khadir Bil.

“NaSaKa arrested two fishermen in Khadir Bil for no reason. They are Nazir Ahmed S/o Abdu Shukkor (42) and Abu Bakkar S/o Zahir Ahmed (33). No day elapses without the plunders of Rohingyas’ properties by NaSaKas. Every day, they seize fish and vegetables from the sellers at Nyaung Chaung Bazaar.

On 4th July 2013, the caretaker of the bazaar, Abdu Malik S/o Abu Sufyan, happened to request NaSaKa not to seize Rohingyas’ live stocks as the poor Rohingyas are struggling with their daily. NaSaKa went furious and shouted ‘we are citizens and this is our country. We can do as we wish and we will do every day. If you don’t like it, get out of our country. And don’t ever sell anything here from tomorrow onward.’

This morning (i.e. 5th July 2013 morning), as usual, Rohingyas came to the village Bazaar to sell fish and vegetables to solve their daily hardships. NaSaKa, suddenly, came up and arrested two Rohingya fish sellers. They were taken to their camp at Shwe-Rin-Aye where they were detained and tortured. Besides, NaSaKa confiscated all the fish they had and extorted Kyat 10000 from each. NaSaKa released them afterwards” said a local villager.

“Moreover, taking Rohingyas’ cattle away, NaSaKas always extort humongous amount of money from Rohingyas in the village. Now, Rohingyas are worried to even rear live stocks in their own farms” he added.

Khadir Bil (Nyaung Chaung)

Khadir Bil (Nyaung Chaung) (Photo Credit: Google Map)



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