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Rohingya Daily News 13 May 2015

Rohingya Daily News 13 May 2015
May 15
03:36 2015

A summary on the conversation of an interview from a floating boat carrying Rohingya-human trafficked victims.

The boat is carrying more than 400 persecuted Rohingyas.Their journey in now on the third month,where traffickers fled with small speedboats leaving them on this dangerous sea.Where 6-7 people already died due to unbearable journey and extreme health hazard.They are in this stilled condition for three days as they had no fuel to move further.Moreover their food stocks finished long ago.Condition of the victims are too critical both mentally and physically.Not only that the traffickers have taken away the GPS phone and other communicative devices.So these people are not able to connect to any authority from Malaysia or Thailand.They were told by a nearby fishing boat that they are between Thailand and Malaysia in front on Langkawi island.

In this conversation between Rvision  and the victim they were advised to keep their phone charged.And they were told to indicate through light,glass,mirrors or any reflective material to ask help from any nearby fishing boat to contact through their communicative devices.Victims were contacted by Rvision to a rohingya on the boat who was using a thai sim to contact.They were informed about the current situation of victimized  Rohingyas who had already reached shores on Thailand and Indonesia.Finally to get approach and help from any authority for their rescue,they were given the assistance and advise to write banners like SAVE US, WE ARE ROHINGYAS on any material like paper or any white clothes.

Note:This interview is RVISION’s Exclusive.




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