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A  Robber Gang Kidnapped 5 Rohingyg, Killed One in Southern Maungdaw

Muangdaw- A robber gang led by Abdul Hakim kidnapped five Rohingya and took them into a forest to extort a lot of money where one was brutally killed in Tha Win Chaung, Southern Maungdaw, Arakan State.

According to the villagers, the robber gang entered into Tha Win Cahung village at about 4 pm on 26, September.  Five villagers were forcibly kidnapped and taken into the forest where four of them were released after extorting money. The gang extorted 2.5 million Kyats from each of two and 3 million from each of another two fellows.

But a religious teacher named Hussein Ahmad, 31, son of Ula Mia was killed inhumanely. After that the robbers informed his family to take away the dead body form the slope of the forest. When they went there along with Border Guard Police (BGP), they found Ahmad’s dead body burnt with fire in some parts of it.

It is reportedly known that there are 12 to 18 members in the robber gang which is known to the authorities but they pretend that nothing is known to them so that they can get a chance to persecute the Rohingya to extort money on the allegation of having link with the gang.

Villagers are now in a dilemma: they neither can go to the forest to bring woods and bamboos nor save their lives from the hand of the robbers and the police are setting up a trap to extort money which will eventually cause mass death of the villagers living in Kyauk Pan Du area, said the locals.

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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