Requested UNHCR Clarify Legal Status of Rohingya

By July 29, 2015 16:39

Requested UNHCR Clarify Legal Status of Rohingya

BANDA ACEH – Secretary General of the Information and Advocacy Center-Arakan Rohingya (foster) Mohammed Heikal Daudy said the main purpose of Rohingyas are Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia instead of Aceh or Indonesia. This came in response cases Rohingyas who some time ago ‘blurring’ of the barracks in East Aceh heading to another country.

“I think the common threat of all the original purpose of their escape from the country, and from some of the studies we do, their goal is not the Aceh or Indonesia, but some other countries such as Australia and Malaysia,” said Heikal.

Heikal was not surprised by the attitude of dozens of persecuted Rohingya  who escaped from the refugee camp. The reason, he said, their original purpose was not Indonesia or Aceh.

“Yes, no matter how they are trying to go to the country of destination,” said Heikal.

He said up to now unclear legal status of the Rohingya. This makes Piara urged UNHCR as refugee handling international organizations to address the legal status of asylum seekers.

“Their legal status is unclear. So this should not be allowed to go on for so long, “he said.

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By July 29, 2015 16:39

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