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Regional MP Says Neighbors Must Act on Myanmar to Solve Rohingya Issue

Regional MP Says Neighbors Must Act on Myanmar to Solve Rohingya Issue
April 23
09:44 2015

Asean’s policy of non-interference doesn’t apply in human rights cases, say regional MPs.

KUALA LUMPUR: Former Asean leaders led by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi have called on the governments in the region to step up efforts to counter rising intolerance in Myanmar.

Abdullah, who delivered a keynote address at the Asean People’s Forum 2015 here yesterday, led the former leaders in urging regional governments to step up efforts to get Myanmar to treat its Rohingya community better.

A United Nations Human Rights Council resolution has called for the restoration of citizenship to the Rohingya and to grant them basic human rights.

Former Asean Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan and former Thai Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya were among the former leaders who signed a joint letter to the governments.


ASEAN Members Parliament and other Participants after Discussions on Eve of ASEAN Summit (Photo: Saiful Rohin)

The letter was at the initiative of another former leader, former Malaysian foreign minister Syed Hamid Albar who is president of Humaniti, a non-governmental organisation which runs humanitarian and tolerance programmes.

The regional members of parliament who attended the forum have called for their governments to review the policy of non-interference in domestic affairs of the region when it involves fundamental human rights for the Asean community.

Myanmar MP Shwe Maung, a member of the minority Muslim Rohingya community, said the present policy of non-interference was an obstacle, as it could be misused to prevent Asean governments from tackling human rights issues.

Malaysia’s Nur Jazlan Mohamed said Myanmar, like other countries, would want to protect its national interests but if it affected its neighbours, then there was cause for interference.

“If Myanmar’s problems are affecting us by causing their citizens to come here as refugees, then we will need to interfere,” said Nur Jazlan in a report carried by The Star Online.

Charles Chong of the Singapore People’s Action Party said that issues like the Rohingya community in Myanmar was a regional problem as neighboring countries were also affected.

[Source: Free Malaysia Today (FMT)]

Furthermore, ASEAN MPs are to release report on Rohingya Crisis on Eve of ASEAN Summit.

The Statement from yesterday’s press conference attached below.


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