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Police Raid and Plunder Rohingya Homes in Maungdaw

Police Raid and Plunder Rohingya Homes in Maungdaw
October 06
03:02 2015

By Rohingya Mirror & Eliyas Iqbal

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – Burmese Police carried out raids in Rohingya homes and plundered their valuable properties in Maungdaw Township on Sunday morning.

More than 50 police personnel from Regional Security Unit (Nay Htein) under Maungdaw Township Police and Anti-Crime Unit under Maungdaw District Police jointly besieged ‘Fayzi’ village by the downtown of Maungdaw on October 4 morning.

They didn’t give any strong reasons why they made the surprise raids in their homes but that they conducted the raids to search for knives, swords, spears, Bangala Mobile Phones and Yaba (WY) Tablets. They entered every house in the village, where they vandalized homes and looted valuable properties found.

Besides, the police arrested three people during the arrests.

“Most of the men were out for shopping and buying household stuffs. Five police personnel entered a home at one time, vandalized cupboards and lockers. They looted money and gold ornaments. They threw clothes. On the other hand, women were just trying to save their modesty lest they should be bodily harassed by the manner-less Burmese armed forces.

And they arrested three people during the raids: a Religious Scholar visiting the village from Buthidaung Township on pretext of staying in the village beyond the permitted days or the permit called Form 4, a student from ‘Thu Oo Hla’ on allegation of staying in the village without reporting to the village administration and another local man for possession of more than 3 Kg of gold and Kyat 6 Million his home.

The police released the former two people in the evening having Kyat 100,000 from each.

And the police took pictures of the man along with the money and the gold found in his home. The police accused him of earning money through trading Yaba Tablets and detained him in the police station. Later, they released him after extorting Kyat 4 Million from him,” said a local man in Maungdaw.

Similar raids were carried out in ‘Boh Hmuu’ village yesterday. It has been reported that the police arrested two people on pretext of possessing Bangala phones.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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