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Police Humiliate Rohingya Shopkeeper for Ransom

ႊႊႊThe Market of Taung Pyo Lat Wei’ Sub-Township (Photo: MYARF)

Police Humiliate Rohingya Shopkeeper for Ransom
June 24
01:54 2015

By Rohingya Eye

Maungdaw, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s police arbitrarily arrested, humiliated and beat a Rohingya man in public for ransom money from him in ‘Taung Pyo’ sub-township, northern Maungdaw, last Saturday, according to the reliable sources.

It has been reported that the victim was Mr. Muhibullah Muzhaar Meah, 48, a shopkeeper by profession, hails from Quarter 2, ‘Taung Pyo Lat Wei’ sub-township.

“The four Regional Security Police (Nay Htein- နယ္ထိန္း) led by the officer, Sergeant Kyaw Htay; and the administrator of Quarter 2, U Kyaw Zan Hla, unexpectedly arrived at the shop of Mr. Muhibullah in the market. They secretly put a ‘Bangala Mobile Phone SIM Card’ inside his shop as they started searching his shop.

After that, alleging him of possessing ‘Bangala SIM Card,’ the police started kicking, slapping and humiliating him in public. And then, they handcuffed him. While they were taking him away to the police station, one of his neighbors paid Kyat 400,000 ransom to the police to get him released” said eyewitness asking not to be named.

“Nowadays are the days of Ramadhan Fasting. Even during this holy month, the authroties are torturing people like this.

SaYaPha (Military Security Intelligence), the regional security police comes and the administration of the quarter 2 are making the livelihoods of Rohingyas extremely difficult. The locals can’t live peacefully and they can’t work easily. The higher authorities have to take actions against the atrocious authorities before it gets worse” he continued.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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