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By Ali Johar | New Dehli

Yes I am a Rohingya
Yes I am from Myanmar
But I too am Human

Somewhere I am persecuted,
Somewhere I am tortured.
Somewhere I am killed,
Somewhere I am kidnapped.

Yes I am a Rohingya
Somewhere I am restricted,
Somewhere my rights are denied.
Somewhere I am discriminated,
Somewhere my rights are delayed.

Somewhere I am crossing a border,
Somewhere I am pushed back.
Somewhere I am a meal of the sea.

Somewhere I am smuggled.

Yes I am a Rohingya
Somewhere I am trapped in a camp,
Somewhere I don’t have daily food.
Somewhere I may have a place to stay,

Somewhere I am displaced.

Somewhere I wither in detention,
Somewhere I grow up in restrictions.
Somewhere I am banned from school,
Somewhere I am jailed without reason.

Yes I am a Rohingya
Somewhere I do rag picking,
Somewhere I am starving.
Somewhere I am a child labor,

Somewhere I am a forced labor.

Somewhere I don’t have a roof,
Somewhere I don’t have a bed.
Somewhere my kids are naked,
Somewhere I sleep without a blanket.

Yes I am a Rohingya
Somewhere I am raped,
Somewhere I am a sex slave.
Somewhere I am prostituted,
Somewhere I do survival sex.

Somewhere I lost my wife,
Somewhere I am a single mother.
Somewhere I lost my family,
Somewhere they all are killed.

Yes I am a Rohingya
Some think I am stateless.
Some say I am a refugee,
Some say I am a foreigner,
Some can realize the real me.

Somewhere I am called Kalar,
Somewhere I am called Bangali.
Some say I am an Arab,

But I am none of them.

Yes I am a Rohingya.
Somewhere I have to hide my Identity,
Somewhere it’s looted.
Somewhere I may get a citizenship,

Somewhere I am accultured.

Somewhere I cannot have a profession,
Somewhere college for me is banned.
Somewhere I am in a cage,
Somewhere I am simply helpless.

Yes I am a Rohingya
Yes I am from Myanmar
I too am a Human
I too am part of this world.
I too wanna have a life just like you.
Don’t wipe me out

In a genocide… 

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By November 8, 2016 18:32

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