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An Open letter to Honorable President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama


Honorable President,
Mr. Barack Obama,
United States of America (USA)

 Subject: An Open letter to Honorable President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama

 Dear President,

We, the executive members of the Rohingya Student Union, on behalf of long oppressed victims Rohingya community would like to highlight critical issues which are desperately needed to be addressed by your veto as a world President for the sake of Rohingya community. We are the most persecuted minority and vulnerable ethnic minority victims of the Burmese oppression.  According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [UDHR], all of our basic rights like freedom of—

movement, religious duty, education, speech, living, and other basic human rights were snatched by the aggressive government of Burma. Accordingly, during the ruling democratic government led by Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy [NLD], Rohingya people inside western Myanmar are suffering the increased human right abuses in the hands of democratically disguised extremist Mogh[Rakhine] authorities who are indeed leading members of Arakan National Party founded by Mogh[Rakhine] people.

While the diverse nations enjoy democracy in Burma, it is quite miserable  that the Rohingya ethnic group must struggle to survive.  The government of Myanmar pre-planned this genocide with the confidential help of its powerful neighboring countries which united to commercially defeat the USA in order to eliminate USA’s Veto Power. In fact, the brutal Burmese government is not only killing innocent people, and tradition and cultural activities but also killing our knowledge, and self-identity and education. This is why we are imploring you to save the Rohingya community from further killing which is the key mission of the adopted dog of China, Burmese government and its political tool Rakhine terrorists.

The Rohingya genocide has repeatedly imposed terrible Military Operations over Rohingya since 1978  in order to reduce Rohingya population and force labour and settlement of thuggish Burman people in Rohingya villages after seizing Rohingya homes and properties,  eliminating Rohingya from Burmese officially registered census by 1982 Black Citizenship Act of Chinese-Burman Dictator Ne Win, stripping the right of citizenship of the Rohingya community accusing as illegal immigrants, denial of the ethnic identity as ”Rohingya” , forcing the ethnic Rohingya to accept the fabricated term Bengali as ethnic term instead of  Rohingya through various National Verification Cards [NVC], depriving them from their basic human rights by restriction on marriage, and movement and medical treatment, barring the journalists from accessing the violence triggered area,  expelling NGOs and INGOs in order to hide the ongoing atrocities against Rohingya  , imposing  double standard  policies for Rohingya, forcing  the victims of the violence through the perilous journey of the bay of Bengal,  enacting the heaviest oppressive formulas to kill the highly skilled Rohingya intellectuals in order to annihilate the awareness amongst Rohingya, torture and killing in detention centers,  arbitrarily arresting and forced imprisoning without any legal conviction, non-stop raping to Rohingya virgins and pretty women until getting unconsciousness or dead, banning higher education, heavy restriction in religious functions, inciting anti-Rohingya campaign by state-sponsored Buddhist terrorist  monks, collecting  tax from Rohingya daily workers who hardly travel to forest or to catch fish in river to avoid continual hunger,  sometimes shooting unto death to Rohingya fisherman and wood collectors, etc.

Accordingly, an internationally well-planned humanitarian intervention is very urgently needed in the soil of Burma before it is too late to save the Rohingya community from this hidden and systematic genocide. An internationally well-planned humanitarian intervention is very crucial in these running days because the ongoing genocidal activities against Rohingya has reached in the final stage of Genocide which turns to  lead to complete annihilation of Rohingya community.

Many world renowned human rights organizations including Genocidewatch and HRW had already warned the community of the world that the continual persecution against Rohingya could amount to crimes against humanity and genocide.

“Every international human rights expert, UN human rights official and social media reached in Rohingya populous area of western Myanmar expressed reiteratively that the Rohingya people encounter unprecedented human rights violations in ghettoized camps in western Burma.”

“It is quite amazing and deserved well focus that every foreign visitor who reached in western part of Myanmar where Rohingyas are confined in ghettoized camps exposed how the Rohingya people face daily life in apartheid-like conditions worse than a hell under the sky.”

We believe in you, Honorable Mr. President, has the sole authority and trusted ability to  take steps of proceeding with an internationally well-planned humanitarian intervention in Burma to save our community before leaving the white house.  So we on behalf of our Rohingya community have no any other options but to ask you for help in order to survive as human being in the way that you do and your American people do. And we would like to invite you Mr. President to intervene in Burma and want you to demonstrate the world that you [USA citizen] really care the human rights and have love and kindness for the Rohingya community like you have for other communities of the world. Besides that, your success of saving the Rohingya will also convey a message to the world that the leading country of the world, United States of America, does care the human rights of not only American people but also every individual and is working for the safety of all the humanity of the world.

“It is quite shocking how Rohingya people are abandoned in apartheid-like conditions even in the democratic era of the Noble Laureate Suu Kyi’s NLD led government in Myanmar.”

We therefore will be grateful for any positive steps that you take in regard to the safety and survival of Rohingya community. Thank you very much.


Maung Nu
Phone: +1 415 756 8222
Address: 8223 Lowman Ave, Pico Rivera, CA-90660, USA