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Online activists Rohingya in Myanmar government’s strict control intelligence

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Online activists Rohingya in Myanmar government’s strict control intelligence
August 28
12:11 2015

ARAKAN(Rakhine)- Security forces seized a smartphone of Rohingya and in many cases also catch the owner in the area of Maungdaw, Burma, as reported by the Times, Friday (08/28/2015).

Although the Rohingya arrested are usually released after beaten up, but still their smartphones confiscated by the authorities. Locals warned the pro-Rohingya online activists based abroad that the security forces with the help tabbes or government intelligence could penetrate the defenses of the online activist group in social media.

Tabbes can know Rohingya language and Arabic very well, all the information about the online group will also be easily tracked. Tabbes also can take the online identities of the activists of the phone has been confiscated and can also be used by the authorities to spy on others.

Online activists have been asked not to communicate through social media with people they do not know, because tabbes could use this opportunity to gather information about the pro Rohingya.

All online activists have been asked to always be alert to suspicious people in the group online. There are also fears that the government will flood the websites of online activist groups with appropriate content includes pornographic images.

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