New Tatmadaw Battalion Dispatch to Maungdaw signals cleansing rather than clearance

By August 11, 2017 17:09

New Tatmadaw Battalion Dispatch to Maungdaw signals cleansing rather than clearance

Despite the post 9/10 clearance operation of military and security forces has destabilized Rohingya existence in the whole Mayu region, the new arrival of a fully equipped Tatmadaw battalion signals that the situation in the region is going to worsen. Perhaps it is meant to achieve what was expected from the previous operation to implement but failed, a total ethnic cleansing.

Like the inside job in 2012, Ma Thi Dar Htwe’s murder that was preplanned and intentionally committed by Rakhine extremists as justification to trigger later an anti-Muslim violence in the name of communal riots, as was seen, the recent six-men murder of Kaing Gyi in Northern Maungdaw is being used as a pretext to persecute more this helpless Rohingya by the Tatmadaw in collaboration with some Rakhine extremists.

Though it was unhidden that those six men were victims of drug (YaBa) traffickers and drug-related clashes on 3 August between Kaing Gyi Bengali-Rakhine settlement and nearby Mro-Rakhine hamlet, some biased media including BBC Burmese, Narijara, etc. hastened to blame Rohingya for those murder intentionally with a bad intent clear. Are the ANP leaders urging Military Chief Ming Aung Hlaing seemingly to tighten security in Northern Arakan and their media allies are behind this murder?

It is fact that the military and security forces raiding Rohingya villages are always accompanied by some Rakhine youths from new settlements (NaTaLa) to loot valuables who never miss a chance to attack Rohingya and yet Rohingya are commanded through formal media or other social media not to touch any Rakhine or their properties recognizing their brotherhood and supporting a coexistence. So such a crime against civilians to be committed by Rohingya is out of question, which is not proved yet as well.

The losses of post 9/10 operation was unprecedented in severity as more than one hundred thousand Rohingya are forced to flee; tens of villages destroyed; many people extrajudicially killed or burnt alive; hundreds of people arrested arbitrarily and thousands displaced in their own villages, in addition to sexual abuses, looting and extortions.

In the operation since 9/10 government has targeted, killed or arrested hundreds of Rohingyas in so-called suspicion and false accusation, not even a case is found red-handed, according to ‘State Counsellor Office Information Committee’ Facebook page which is dedicated to fabricating Rohingya-related news. As well, from time to time government announces seizure of weapons, unfortunately all are kitchen tools such as knives and cutters of daily use, not AK-47 or else.

There are also no records of assault by Rohingya against any Rakhine civilians.

Specially on the pretext of Kaing Gyi incident, ANP leaders look worried about the regions security and restless to persuade Tatmadaw to strengthen the operation against Rohingya and distributing arms among Rakhines, and Sen. Gen. Ming Aung Hlaing was also unhesitant to deploy a special battalion fully equipped.

Of course, the move will serve the interests of the both parties, not the stability of the region.



By August 11, 2017 17:09

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