NaTaLa Rakhines Pillage Cattle Owned by Rohingyas

By July 24, 2013 19:41


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July 25,2013

Maung Daw, Arakan: On 23rd July 2013, Twenty NaTaLa Rakhines pillaged five cattle owned by Rohingyas in an outskirt of the village of Nurullah, Bagonna Village Tract, Southern Maung Daw. NaTaLa Rakhines are from the nearby village of KayeMyaing.

“A few Rohingya boys were looking after their cattle in an outskirt of Nuruallah village. While they were feeding grass to their cattle, around twenty NaTaLa Rakhines with sticks and swords marauded the place and took away five cattle.  Two were Oxen, two were cows and another was a calf. The cattle were owned Farukh Ahmed s/o Kabir Ahmed, a local of the village. And NaTaLas are from nearby KayeMyaing village” said a nearby Rohingya villager.

“Plundering of Rohingyas’ properties and their live-stocks by Rakhine maruaders are nothing in the region. But after the replacement of NaSaKa (made up of majority Burmans) with Police (made up of majority racist Rakhines) in the region, NaTaLa Rakhines become more daring in looting our properties and live-stocks” he added.

Note: NaTaLa Rakhines are a mixed group of Rakhines from Bangladesh, the surrendered Ex-Rakhine militants and some Burmans from central Burma. They are unmannered, rude and savaged according to the local Rohingyas.

Nurullah Village and KayeMyaing Village (Photo Credit: Google Map)

Nurullah Village and KayeMyaing Village (Photo Credit: Google Map)



By July 24, 2013 19:41

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