NaSaKa’s Continuous Threats and Extortion of Money

By May 18, 2013 15:24

MS Anwar
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Maung Daw, Arakan– NaSaKa (Border Security Force) led by Major Zin Maung, the head of the camp 14 under the NaSaKa commandment area 6 have started threatening and extorting huge amount of money from Rohingya villagers of Shujah (Shwe Za), northern Maung Daw, since his transfer to the camp in the beginning of this month. Immediately after his arrival, he listed 65 Rohingya people well known in the village and started to threaten them to extort money from.
“He has started threatening Rohingyas to extort money from since his arrival. The extortion of money has been in the name of fund raising for Kway-Kay-Ye-Hmuu (the NaSaKa Administrator). His personal assistant (or best man), Min Min Tun, a Rakhine extremist, is threatening the villagers that they will be imprisoned if they don’t give money.
In fact, some people who refused to give money were taken to their camp and severely beaten. That’s why some villagers are giving money because they are afraid as there is no law here. Till date, there are sixty people from money has been extorted. Of them, 10 people and the amount of money extorted from is as mentioned below.


They are continuously threatening and torturing Rohingyas in the region. Those who do not have money to give are severely beaten and tortured” said a villager.
“We request the central of government of Myanmar to take care of these arbitrary and cruel behaviours of NaSaKa because we feel that NaSaKa is doing all these without the permission of the government. We request internationally community as well as our own people in exile to help us a way to get out of this immense trouble” he continued.



By May 18, 2013 15:24

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