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Narcotic Trade by Myanmar’s Secuirty Force

Narcotic Trade by Myanmar’s Secuirty Force
August 05
17:40 2013

Ali Arakani

RvisionTV News

5th August 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan– Maung Daw township has been a region where authority and security officers themselves involve in cross-border narcotic trade with Bangladesh. Similarly, in the village of Shujah (Shweza), (under the Commandment Area 6 of abolished NaSaKa department), nothern Maung Daw, the cross-border narcotic trade was started by a former NaSaKa Captain called ‘May Myint Tun’. He, in collaboration with a puppet named Shwe Maung (a Rohingya from Buthidaung and now settled in the village after tying knot with a duaghter of a village elder called U Bashar), has set up a tea-cafe shop with a view to making it a centre for drug supply. The cafe shop is located at the junction of Ki Nyur Fara (Zaydi Pyin) village of Shujah (Shweza) village tract.

They used to order drugs from Yangon and export them to Bangladesh via Myanmar-Bangladesh border. The drugs with low quality were sold in the region through eight paid workers in the village. Each of these eight workers had his own channel for drug distribution. Besides, Shwe Maung and his eight people used to work as informers to NaSaKa. They also collaborated with NaSaKa on how to extort money from the Shujah villagers. Therefore, NaSaKa, quite often, used to torture and extort money from the villagers under lame acussations such as possession of Bangladeshi either mobile phones or drugs.

However, the truth was that they themselves used to place drugs or mobile phones in one’s house territory and accuse him/her (the owner of the house) of possessing drugs or mobile phones to extort money from.

Therefore, when the institution of NaSaKa (Border Security Force) was abolished, people became happy and thought that they would have space for breathe. But all in vain! The newly replaced Security Force (Hlun Htin) has been following the same footsteps of their predessors, NaSaKa. Unfortunately, the secuirty force has been trading drugs more efficiently and effectively. They are, now, noting different from drug Mafia gangs. And they are more involved in money extortion and oppressing the local Rohingyas more brutally. 



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