Myanmar’s Repatriation Talk amid Continuous Atrocities Deceptive

By November 2, 2017 13:50

Myanmar’s Repatriation Talk amid Continuous Atrocities Deceptive

Qutub Shah

Dialogue has been taking place between Myanmar and Bangladesh on the issue of repatriation of Rohingya refugees amid continuous atrocities of military, police and security forces against Rohingyas remaining in Arakan on daily basis.

These atrocities demonstrate Myanmar’s frivolous stand toward the issue. The violent attacks that Suu Kyi has declared to be stopped since September 5 are continuous until the date. Efforts made for repatriation will be in vain if Myanmar military do not stop its barbarism.

There is not a single day left without atrocities while arson, torture, blockade, looting, killing and rape to the list orderly.

Here are some date wise examples from RVision’s atrocity diary:

01/11/2017: Military soldiers in civil dress holding machetes and other light weapons in Latweitaung, Pazzun Chang Village of Buthidaung raiding and looting valuables from Rohingya houses. They belong to Battalion No. 234 called Aung Minglar Battalion.

31/10/2017 (3:30 pm): Military and Rakhine mobs looted livestock and properties of Rohingyas from Seim Nying Pya Village of Southern Buthidaung. Main victims were Mohammad Noor (10 cows looted), Malvi Salim (15 cows looted) and Kamal (25 cows looted).

On the same day, Rakhine, Dainnet and Hindu extremists in collaboration with armed authorities forcefully carried away moveable properties of Rohingyas by seven boats in Ngarren Cahing Village of Buthidaung.
On the same day, Rakhine extremists and armed authorities torched two houses at around 4:30 am in Mee Chaung Zay (Ywa Thik), Northern Buthidaung. Watch:

30/10/2017 (8:30 pm): Rakhine extremists supported by armed authorities set ablaze the house of  Abdul Haque, son of Mokbul Ahmed in Maungnama Hamlet, Nanyar Gon Village Tract, Buthidaung. Those perpetrators hail from Kyauk Yan (Buddhist) village. Watch:

29/10/2017: Rakhine mob supported by armed authorities from Oo Yin Thar Village violently attacked a Rohingya teenage from Sein The Pyin village of Southern Buthidaung. Watch:

On the same day, Border Guard Police attacked three Rohingya men and one woman, and looted the cash and other valuables with him. The victims are: Islam Abdul Jalil, Salim Ullah Sayad Ullah, Nur Bahar and Mohd Ullah.

28/10/2017 (1:00 am): In Letwei Dar Pyinchi Village (Monirkul Hamlet) of Buthidaung, Rakhine Buddhist mob torched five houses of Rohingyas including Mohammad after looting valuables. Watch:

On the same day, Rakhine mob supported by local authorities set fire to Eastern Quarter of Maungdaw, known Myo Oo Ywa Thik, Sundori Fara.

27/10/2017 (9:35 pm): Armed authorities and Buddhist mob jointly raided three houses of Rohingya in Letwei Dar Pazzun Chaung of Buthidaung. After looting all the valuables, they set fire to the houses. Watch:

On the same day, Head of BGP from Ngakura camp raided Ooshikya Village and arrested three Rohingya men for ransom.

Not a single day is left without serious crime against this people. For more please refer to our Atrocity Diary since 25 August.

Amid this continuum of violations, we, Rohingya don’t want to go back again to that open prison nor any concentration camps, where Myanmar has not stopped its crimes against humanity, let alone guaranteeing our fundamental rights.

If the situation continues, the repatriation won’t put an end to the samsara of ‘fleeing to Bangladesh and returning to Burma’ that has been going on since 1784 occasionally.

Currently some 12,700 have been trapped at beach of Pa-Nyaungbingyi (Dong Hali) Village, Southern Maungdaw for 29 days trying to cross the Border.



By November 2, 2017 13:50

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