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Myanmar’s Navy Arrest Four Rakhine Men with Yaba Tablets

Yaba Tablets known as WY in Myanmar (Photo not related to this incident)

Myanmar’s Navy Arrest Four Rakhine Men with Yaba Tablets
March 18
14:47 2015

By Rohingya Mirror

Buthidaung, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s naval forces arrested four Rakhine boat-men who were caught red-handed while carrying around 50Kg of Yaba (WY) tablets on their boat in Buthidaung Township last Tuesday, according to the reliable sources.

The officers of the naval base at the river of ‘Kwa-Sun’ village in Buthidaung Township stopped a suspected boat, being skipped by the four Rakhine (Magh) men from Sittwe Township, carrying sacks of rice on board for a search. Upon the investigation of the boat, a sack of Yaba Tablets in a 50kg-rice-sack was found.

Hence, subsequently, the officers arrested them and handed them over to the Border Guard Police in Nyaung Chaung village in the township. Upon the investigation, the four Rakhine men are said to have admitted that they had been carrying the drugs for a Captain of the Border Guard Police appointed in Taung-Pyo sub-twonship, northern Maungdaw. And the Rakhine men were said to have been working for him for long.

They were taken to the Buthidaung Township Judicial Court for prosecution and later put back in the detention of the Border Guard Police in Nyaung Chaung.

Similarly, last Saturday afternoon, the Border Guard Police in Nyaung Chaung called upon two suspected Rakhine men walking with Back-Bags for a body-search. However, the two Rakhine men managed to flee leaving their bags behind. When the police checked inside the bags, they were found filled with Yaba tablets.

Many Rakhine drug-smugglers have been peddling drugs to Bangladesh through Myanmar-Bangladesh border with the help of the facilities provided by some government officers, especially of Rakhine ethnic background. They are reported to have been smuggling weapons into Arakan state to create further violence against Rohingyas in the region.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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