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Myanmar’s Military Harass and Torture Rohingya Woman for Ransom

Myanmar’s Military Harass and Torture Rohingya Woman for Ransom
March 02
07:56 2015

By Saiful Rohin & CR Ahmed

Buthidaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s military harassed, arrested and shackled an innocent Rohingya woman was harassed, arrested and shackled in Buthidaung on February 24 midnight, said a local in the village.

The victim woman is identified to be Mabiya Khatun (daughter of) Tanda Meah, 50. Besides the woman, the military harassed her two young daughters during the carried out in their home in ‘Du Oo Thay Ma’ village also known as Moidoing in the township.

Afterwards, the woman was arrested on pretext of the possession of illegal Bangladeshi Mobile Phone.  She was subsequently handcuffed and taken to the temporary military camp base at nearby Shwethar village Temple.

“On 24 February midnight, four military personnel led by the Captain of the military base at Shweta village temple approached Mabiya Khatun’s home with two henchmen and ordered her to open the door. Fearing the persecutions by the barbaric military, her two young daughters asked her to go into hiding.

However, the military broke into the house and arbitrarily accused Mabiya Khatun of using Bangladeshi mobiles. She went into hiding. The military thoroughly searched the home. No Bangla Mobile Phone was found there.

Yet the military started bodily harassing the two young girls to force their mother come out of hiding. She was then handcuffed and taken to the military camp base where she was severely tortured and both her legs were locked in the stock in open sky under the hot sun” an eye-witness reported.

“On 25 February evening, the military release her having extorted Kyat 300,000 Ransom money” he added.

It has also been reported that the neighbors and the village headman that came for her rescue at the night of her arrest were abused and insulted by the military captain. The military officer often commits similar atrocities against the local Rohingyas in the region.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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