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Myanmar’s Military Arbitrarily Shoot at 72-Year-Old Rohingya Man


Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – A Myanmar army arbitrarily shot at an innocent 72-yeard-old Rohingya man in southern Maungdaw on Sunday causing him severe injuries, a reliable source said.

Later, the injured elderly man was taken to unknown location by the military and has been missing since them. He is identified to be Hussein (son of) Meah Hussein, 72, hails from Padin village southern Maungdaw.

“A patrol team of three military and seven Border Guard Police (BGP) Personnel belong to Maggyi Chaung camp arrived at Padin village around 2:00PM on December 21. Then, while they were sitting at the grocery store of a Rohingya named Noor Amin (located to the north of Padin Village Administration Office), a 72-year-old Rohingya named Hussein (son of) Meah Hussein was passing-by the shop.

One of the three military sitting at the shop began firing the elderly man for no reason at all. A bullet hit one of his leg and pierced thought it. The bullet was about to hit another five-old-year old boy passing by but flew away by his ear. It was a close shave for the child. Fortunately, he escaped from the life-threatening situation.

Afterwards, the military took away the bleeding elderly man by their van. But it is not sure where the man was being taken to. He has been out of contact since then.

“The old man is 100% innocent. He is a poor man” said an eyewitness asking not to be named.

“The military, BGP and other departments frequently raid Rohingya villages any time they want. They arrest, torture and sometimes kill the Rohingya people. They extort money from them. They shoot at innocent people like this. Then, they give different excuses.

This time as well, the military said that it was accidental” he continued.

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