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Myanmar’s Authority Facilitate Trafficking of Rohingya People to Malaysia

Myanmar’s Authority Facilitate Trafficking of Rohingya People to Malaysia
April 16
18:38 2015

By Rohingya Eye

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – Myanmar’s authority collaborate with the human traffickers in order to facilitate the trafficking of the Rohingya people from the Arakan State to Malaysia via Thailand, according to the reliable sources.

Besides, the Border Guard Police help and guard the traffickers in transporting the trafficking victims to the boats waiting standby at the coast of Bay of Bengal in southern Maungdaw. If anyone lodges reports against the human traffickers, the complainant is rather punished instead of taking actions against the traffickers.

“On April 8, around 8:00PM, with the arrangement by the three human traffickers, Hashimullah (son of) Hassan, 53; Karim (son of) Mohammed Amin, 48; and Mohammed Ayub (son of) Ahmed, 45, living at Kanpoo hamlet of Alay Than Kyaw village tract in southern Maungdaw, around 12 people were sent to the boat docked at the river of Kyauk Pandu (Shitaaf) village from the creek of Kanpoo village by small peddle-boats. Each of the 12 people was charged Kyat 200,000 as the first installment for the journey.

The departments such as SaRaPha (Defense Military Intelligence), SB (Special Branch Police), BGP (Border Guard Police) of Commandment Area 7, Military in the region and Maung Than Naing, the administrator of Alay Than Kyaw village were bribed Kyat 50,000 each by the traffickers. Hence, the Border Guard Police guarded the traffickers in transporting the human trafficking victims to the boat” said a local asking not to be named.

“The three human traffickers can provide any assistance to the above-mentioned departments. Therefore, if anyone complains against them, the authority rather takes actions against the complainants instead of the criminal traffickers.

Therefore, the local extremely worried because those that have responsibility to stop the human trafficking are rather facilitating the criminal act” he continued.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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