Myanmar Arrest Two Rohingya Youth under Trumped-up Charges

By November 12, 2016 03:27

Myanmar Arrest Two Rohingya Youth under Trumped-up Charges

By Rohingya Mirror | RVision TV News

Maungdaw — The Burmese (Myanmar) army arrested two educated Rohingya youths at Baggona village in southern Maungdaw yesterday under trumped up defamation charges, reliable sources say.

The victims are identified to be Rahimullah (son of) Nazir Ahmed, 28 and his brother Amanullah, 24, from the West hamlet of Baggona village tract. They were arrested at their residences while they were preparing to have lunch around 3:40 PM on November 11.

When they were arrested, it was unclear why they were arrested. They were whacked and tortured as soon as they were arrested.  Immediately after that, their phones were seized.

Later, MRTV announced that they were arrested under Myanmar’s Telecommunications Act 66 D ‘Defaming the State and the Army by the Use of Facebook.’ It added that they are being detained and investigated further at the Maungdaw Police station.

If convicted, the two brothers could be sentenced to prison terms not exceeding three years under that charge alone.

“It is still unclear how they defamed the State by the Use of Facebook, an accusation which needs to be independently verified as almost all the charges being slapped on the Rohingya civilians today are trumped up,” said an elderly Rohingya in Maungdaw.

There is a growing fear among the locals in Maungdaw that the Police will torture them and arbitrarily slap them with more charges which they have never committed.

These arrests targeting youths have been being made all over Maungdaw in most likely attempts to cripple the class of educated Rohingya youths.

Rahimullah is a Sittwe (Akyab) University Graduate who now runs a pharmacy at the village and his younger brother is a religious teacher. Both are well-mannered and sensible; and near good characters.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By November 12, 2016 03:27

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