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Money Extortion and Daily Atrocities By Police

Money Extortion and Daily Atrocities By Police
July 23
18:37 2013


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24th July 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan– As NaSaKa (Border Security Force) was abolished, Rakhine Police and Hlun-Tin (Security Forces) took over the duties of money extortion and atrocities against Rohingyas. Hence, Police are proving crueler than NaSaKa was.

“At 10:30PM on 20th July 2013, Rakhine Police raided the house of Hafizullah S/o Khalu Hussain station in the village of Mong Tulla of Haisshurata (AlayThanKyaw) village tract. Police were from the station based in the same village. Police were accompanied by Soor Ali, the head of the 10-House-Group. During the search, Police found nothing illegal in the house but a Kitchen Knife. Police arrested and took him into custody under a lame accusation that he sells knives illegally.

Police released him at the end having extorted Kyat 30,000. The following day, Maung Tun Naing, the administrator of the village, called on Hafizullah to his office and handed him over to SB2 (Special Brach 2). He was detained there for the whole day and released after the extortion of Kyat 90,000” said a nearby villager.

“Anamul Hassan S/o Mohammed Nazir is from the village of Kampoo of AlayThanKyaw village tract. He is a recently recruited puppet of Police and Hltuntin. Now, with his cooperation, Police and Hluntin are troubling the Kampoo villagers and making their lives very difficult” he added.

Moreover, it has been learnt that at the motor-vehicle station in the village of Shikdar Fara (Myoma Kayintan), Police always stop the passers-by and extort money. There are two puppets collaborating Police: Hashim Ullah s/o Sebor Ali and Zahid Hussein s/o Swaleh Ahmed. They are originally from AlayThanKyaw but they live in the downtown of Maung Daw.

In NaSaKa Force, majority were Burmese who acted mostly upon the orders issued from the central government. But Police and Hluntin, whose majority are Rakhine extremists, are committing atrocities against Rohingyas not only on the orders by the higher authorities but also to fulfill their racist political ambition of an exclusively independent Rakhine nation.

Haisshurata (AlayThanKyaw) [Credit: Google Map]

Haisshurata (AlayThanKyaw) [Credit: Google Map]



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