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Moghs Caught in Robbing Rohingyas’ Vehicles

By Rohingay Visoiion Tv Correspondents | 14th November 2017

Buthidaung: Rakhines (Moghs) along with Border Guard Police (BGP) from different villages in Buthidaung started looting vehicles from Rohingyas in the area today (14th November, 2017) reports suffering locals.

Since 12 PM a joint group of BGP and Rakhines (Mogh) from villages of TaungBazar, Naraing Chaung, Mingisi, etc started to loot Rohingys vehicles like motorcycles from the remaining Rohingyas in the area.

Later the fanatic group was seen to be collecting all the looted vehicles and transporting them by using a larger vehicle. “We have nothing left here now, our houses are burnt on daily basis and properties like motor cycles are also looted” says a victim, whose cycle was also looted.

On the other side BGP arrested a Rohingya youth from the village of RohingyaDong and extorted 450, 000 Kyats over his release. The victim was identified to be Sayed hussain S/O Ahmed Hussain (28).

From Suapaing village BGP caught a Moghs (Rakhine) with 950, 000 YaBa tablets (Drugs) and did not file any case or arrest even after committing illegal activity.

BGP and Moghs (Rakhine) collaboration is seen to be stronger day by day, recharging the Moghs (Rakhines) to accelerate the persecution level on the remaining Rohingyas.

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