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Military Stage Fake Events to Allege Rohingya with Weapon Possessions

By Rohingya Mirror
RVision TV

Maungdaw — The Burmese Military are often seen staging fake events in northern Maungdaw in order to allege the local Rohingya civilians with possession of weapons and label them as terrorists, according to eyewitness.

“Around 1:00 PM yesterday (i.e. October 19), a group of the military personnel broke into the residences of ‘U Kefayat Ullah’ and ‘U Ishaque’ at ‘NgaKura (NagPura) village and went into their backyards to dig the ground. Then, they dug a hole, put some suspicious thing in the holes and covered them up with the soils. And they left.

“After five minutes, another group of military arrived at the places and dug the holes (dug and covered with soils by the earlier military team). Then, they were seen to have taken out some handmade guns out of the holes. And then, they photograph them with the cameras brought along with them” said an eyewitness on the condition anonymity.

He added “these events could be nothing but some staged events so that they can show the world they found weapons in Rohingya residences and so they can justify their extrajudicial killings.”

A notorious pattern of the on-going Burmese Regime’s extrajudicial killings and arbitrary detention of the Rohingya civilians is that they shoot them (the innocent Rohingya civilians) to death and if they (the civilians) cooperate, they (military) arbitrarily arrest them. And they torture some of them to death and label the remaining people as terrorists, going by the latest reports.

Again, yesterday (on October 19), the military arrested five more Rohingya youths from NgaKura village. They are:

  • Parwaz Khan (son of) Jinnah Khan, 19
  • ——- (son of) Jinnah Khan, 17
  • Abbu (son of) Siraj Uddin, 20
  • Achche (son of) Siraj Uddin, 18
  • Sadek (son of) Deedar Ahmed, 28

[Note: Jinnah Khan (father of) the arrestees at No. 1 & 2; Siraj Uddin (father of) the arrestees at No. 3 & 4 were arrested on 18th October.]

“Situation here is too bad to express. Nowhere to flee to! No one comes here to help us. People are starving. It makes us feel so sad to see children, women and elderly people tortured by the military and we can’t help them” said an elderly Rohingya.

However, the state counsellor, Daw Suu Kyi, keeps defending the military’s inhumane atrocities against the Rohingya civilians in the name of ‘Cleansing the Region.’ If to go by the real situation occurring in the ground, it’s ‘Ethnic Cleansing.’

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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