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Military List Details of Educated People and Smart-Phone Owners in Koetankauk

By Min SK | January 3, 2016

Rathedaung — The Myanmar military began listing the details of the numbers of educated people and smart phone owners at the village of the Koetankauk in Rathedaung Township from 1st January 2017, in a latest move taken after a shocking video emerged of the Myanmar Border Guard Police torturing dozens of Rohingya civilians during a raid on the village on November 5, 2016, local sources report. 

The action by the military is viewed by the locals as a move to further clamp down the communication among the Rohingya community and the information flow exposing the widespread atrocities committed against the community by the Myanmar armed forces. 

On 1st January, the Military from the Battalion 537 have ordered the figureheads of Koetankauk and Shilhali to list down the following details of the villagers and the internally displaced people (IDP).

  1. The list of the smart phone owners (including phone numbers, brands and models)
  2. The numbers of the Religious Scholars known as Maulawi
  3. The numbers of the masjids and religious schools known as Madrasas
  4. The list of the students of religious studies
  5. The numbers of motorcycles and details of the owners
  6. The numbers and details of the motorcycle mechanics
  7. The numbers of the government schools; details of the teachers and the students
  8. The numbers of the villagers that finished Grade 7 and above.
  9. The details of the winter farmers in the villagers
  10. The details of the Sawyers or the people who own Saws
  11. The Current Village Population and the numbers of households
  12. The names of the places of the IDP, where they formerly lived and currently live
  13. The dates of the IDP, when they have shifted to the current place
  14. The NRC (National Registration Cards) numbers and the phone numbers of the administrators of the village and IDP Camps

[Attached below is the video of the Border Guard Police Torturing Rohingya Civilians at Koetankauk]


“The order to collect the details of the villagers, the smart phone owners and the owners of the other possessions is related to the video of the BGP torturing the villagers on November 5, 2016. The military are further threatening if anyone is found using a smart phone not included in the list being submitted, he/she will effectively be punished. Yet many people are not willing to submit to the military’s suppression of our voice”, said Maung Maung Aye (not real name), a local in Koetankauk, in speaking to Rohingya Vision TV.

The video that appeared to have been circulating on social media since December 29, 2016, clearly shows the Myanmar Border Guard Police punching, slapping, kicking, whacking, humiliating and racially abusing of at least 5 dozens of people who seem to be innocent civilians.

The Myanmar armed forces, the military and the Border Guard Police, besieged the village of Koetankauk for two days, from November 4, 2016 night to November 6, 2016 night, as the aftermaths of the protest that some villagers held holding banners demanding citizenship and human rights during a UN-led diplomats earlier. During the raids, the armed forces arrested at least 50 people who were later subjected to arbitrary imprisonments, tortured the villagers inhumanely and a few were even reported to have been tortured to the deaths.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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