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Maungdaw: Authorities Illegal Arrests Targets Innocents

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 12th December 2017

Maungdaw: Border Guard Police (BGP) arrests innocent Rohingyas in different villages of Maungdaw by accusing falsely and demanded money over their illegal arrest, reports sources.

Authorities stationed in their camps at Nurullah village and accused an innocent Rohingya of being connected with the armed group and arrested him on 11th December, 2017. The victim was identified to Majibullah S/O Motlob.

Earlier on 10th December 2017 from Burashiddafara (Oo Kya kar) village BGP commander from Kyan Pyin village called a Rohingya fishery owner named to be Nur Hashim, while he was working in his fishing area with the legal permit. After reaching the BGP camp, he was humiliated and abused inhumanely and they extorted 250, 00 Kyats illegally for his release.

Arrest and money extortion on innocent Rohingya on daily basis have created an ambience of fear all over the region and have made it an open hell for the remaining Rohingyas residing there.

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