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Mapim visit Rohingya Muslims in Sittwe

In Rohingyas isolated moment,Islamic Consultative Assembly (PIM) with China Islamic volunteers provide humanitarian assistance worth RM250,000 during a visit there recently.

Aid mission led by Deputy President Mapim, Zulkifly Ibrahim with the Vice President, Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman and a volunteer, Shahir Shahrumi. Joining the mission were three volunteers who recognized China with their Muslim names, Laili, Dr Sofia and Ali.

Zulkifly said they visit a camp of Internal Displace Persons (IDP) Sittwe District.

“We also visited the Regional MRA-U and the Temple Mount, which is about a six hour drive from the town of Sittwe.

“Both the district inhabited by more than 200,000 people, mostly Rohingya,” he said in Ipoh, Perak.

According Zulkifly, the main purpose of the visit was to monitor the assistance provided before and accompany volunteers from China as a sign of concern for the Rohingya whom are oppressed and forced to live in the squalid camps.

Among the assistance given is wrapping food, particularly rice, help the construction of mosques, schools and microcredit.

The Group’s mission is to deliver the aid amounting to RM250,000 donated by community volunteers Islam in Malaysia and China.

Survey found that the Rohingyas are facing problems of electric facilities, water supply, the absence of a school for children to learn, the mosque for prayers, health clinics and uncomfortable residential areas also gripped their daily lives.

“Therefore they need help rural communities to build schools, health clinics, mosques and supply of electricity and water as it is considered the most critical problems at the moment.

“Most residents grow vegetables, raise chickens and grow rice for their own food needs. Educational is almost impossible so many of them are illiterate,” he said.

Zulkifly said, most of them praying five times a day and the Friday prayers at a small mosque in a dilapidated home.

According to him, they spread the teachings of Islam through the teachings of individuals and establish religious schools of the Quran to children. They do not want to move to other Muslim countries because the government does not provide identification documents to them to deprive them citizenship.

Zulkifly said, the Rohingya appeal to the whole world, especially the Muslim to urge the Myanmar government to give them the rights of citizens while continuing to channel funds to build schools, health facilities, schools, electricity and water.

Rohingya people were expelled from their homeland by oppression, murder, torture and sexual abuse in their own ancestral land.

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