Malaysian Authorities Crackdown on Refugees at UNHCR Office

By February 6, 2016 13:19

Malaysian Authorities Crackdown on Refugees at UNHCR Office

Malaysian authorities conducted raids and arrested refugees in front of UNHCR Office, say eyewitnesses

By Hashim Ullah |Rohingya Vision TV News

Kuala Lumpur — Malaysian Police, Immigration and other enforcement authorities have been jointly conducting operations against illegal migrants at many places in the country for a few days now.

The joint authorities also launched crackdowns on the refugees queuing up before UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) Office in Kuala Lumpur and subsequently arrested many of them respectively on February 4 and 5, which left many in shock. Among the Refugees arrested, most of them were from Myanmar including Rohingya and Chin Refugees.

“They nabbed everyone lined up to enter UNHCR Office. After verification, the Refugees with UNHCR Cards were released. Those without UNHCR Cards, with Asylum Seeking Documents and expired UNHCR cards (and went to the office for renewing cards) were arrested.

They also demanded UNHCR authorities to hand over the Refugees waiting within the office premise for different refugee issues. However, UNHCR didn’t do that.

There should be around 50 people arrested in two days of raids,” said an eyewitness asking to withhold his identity.

Although it is normal for Malaysian authorities to carry out operations against illegal migrant workers before any amnesty period going to be given, the motive behind the arrests of the Refugees right in front of the UNHCR Office is not known yet.

According to the reliable reports, there will be many more operations against the illegal migrant workers and the Refugees in the country during the upcoming Chinese New Year Period and before Amnesty Period Opens on February 15.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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By February 6, 2016 13:19

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