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Malaysia, Indonesia to offer temporary shelter to Persecuted Rohingyas and Bangladeshi migrants.

Rescued migrants were suffering from exhaustion.Image by:Reuters

Malaysia, Indonesia to offer temporary shelter to Persecuted Rohingyas and Bangladeshi migrants.
May 20
08:47 2015

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia (AP) — In a potential breakthrough in Southeast Asia’s humanitarian crisis, Indonesia and Malaysia offered Wednesday to provide temporary shelter to thousands of Rohingya and Bangladeshi stranded at sea after weeks of saying they weren’t welcome.

But they appealed for international help, saying the crisis was a global, not a regional, problem.

“Indonesia and Malaysia agreed to continue to provide humanitarian assistance to those 7,000 at sea,” Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman said after a three-way meeting with counterparts from Indonesia and Thailand. The two countries “also agreed to provide them temporary shelter provided that the resettlement and repatriation process will be done in one year by the international community.”

“This is not an ASEAN problem,” Anifah said, referring to the 10-nation grouping of Southeast Asian countries. “This is a problem for the international community. We are talking about a humanitarian crisis.”

Thailand would not offer shelter but would provide humanitarian assistance, he said. Thailand has previously said it cannot afford to take any more migrants since it is already overburdened by tens of thousands of refugees from Myanmar.

Anifah avoided answering questions on whether the refugees would be accepted even if the international community did not cooperate, but to another question said they would be given shelter “immediately.”

While the three ministers were meeting, a flotilla of Indonesian fishermen rescued more than 430 people,who were stranded at sea for weeks and brought them to safety. More than 3,000 ethnic Rohingya from Myanmar and Bangladeshis have already landed in the three countries in recent weeks, although some boats have been turned away.

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