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Local Authorities Plot against Rohingyas for Money Extortion

Local Authorities Plot against Rohingyas for Money Extortion
August 04
18:13 2016


The village heads formed for hundred families plotted showing false case against an innocent Arakanese Rohingya so that he could extort a huge amount of money from him in Rathedaung Twonship, Arakan, complained a local.  

The hundred-family heads named Zia-u-Rahram, son of Sultan and Yusuf, son of Abdu Salam jointly prepared a rap case against one of the same villagers, Maulovi Zakariya, son of Forit Ahmed in Thein Taung village tract. Then he was summoned to the office of the heads and frightened him showing the case they prepared and punishment of it.

The fear of the punishment compelled him to settle the case giving 500 thousands ($450) to the heads but this condition made his family standstill.

Such monetary persecution on Rohingya people by local authorities has become a common matter as the higher officials are instigators of them.

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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