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Kutupalong: Monsoon Rain Worsened Rohingya’s Movement

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 12th October 2018

Kutupalong, Coxsbazaar: Muddy roads and heavy monsoon rain have disrupted Rohingya’s movement in makeshift camps of Coxsbazaar, Bangladesh and they became dangerous to walk for women, children, and elderly, reports a local today (12th Oct).

A dirt road, located in camp 5 of block A5, Kutupalong have disrupted Rohingya’s movement in this ongoing monsoon season, due to the lack of a proper constructed road in the area.

Image taken today (12th Oct) showing Rohingya children unable to walk on the muddy slopes of Camp 5 of Block A3, Kutupalong camp. Image: RVISION TV

Rohingya children, women and elderly are at high risk of getting injured on this muddy road and earlier many reports of injuries went unreported as well.

“This road became very dangerous for walking, especially children and elderly are getting injured here” explains a suffering Rohingya from camp 5.

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According to locals if the road was constructed well, even rain could not damage it and current sufferings and injuries could be avoidable.

Following the worse situation, Rohingyas urges international NGO’s and UNHCR to have a concern on the unreconstructed roads, which could ease the suffering of the Rohingya to a minimum level.

Since late 2016, nearly 1.3 million Rohingya are sheltering in these makeshift camps of Coxsbazaar, Bangladesh and are battling to live a normal life even after losing everything in their own country.

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