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Islamic leaders asked to assist in Rohingya census

Islamic leaders asked to assist in Rohingya census
July 23
19:06 2013

Kay Zin Oo

Mizzima News

23 Jul 2013

Displaced Rohingya in Rakhine State. PHOTO: Evangelos Petratos/EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection/Flickr

Displaced Rohingyas in Rakhine State. [PHOTO: Evangelos Petratos/EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection/Flickr]

Myanmar’s Minister of Immigration and Population Khin Yi told reporters on July 21 that his office has requested assistance from Islamic leaders and international organizations in collating the names and numbers of Muslim refugees from the communal violence that plagued Rakhine State last year.

Minister Khin Yi said, “We asked for help from Islamic leaders and international organizations to persuade the Bengali [Rohingya] people to accept the work being conducted. Many refuse to collaborate with the authorities, but accept the non-government bodies and international organizations.”

He said that they must finish this head count in Rakhine State before a nationwide census which is scheduled to be conducted from March 30 to April 10, 2014.

“Conducting a census has nothing to do with the military or politics,” he added. “It is for the development of the country so no nationality has a right to stop it or interfere with it.”

Mizzima earlier reported that eight suspects had been arrested by police in connection with the obstruction of data collection among refugees at Thetkepyin village in Sittwe, Rakhine State. The eight are due to be put on trial in the near future.

The original news was published by Mizzima News on: RVisionTV gives due credits to the original writer and the publisher.


RVisionTV’s Comment on the Minister Khin Yi’s Calling for International Assistance on the Issue

Government of Myanmar is attempting to have international supports in the Ethnocide of Rohingyas. Wiping out an ethnic identity of a community is an Ethnocide.
Despite the mounting evidences in support of historical existence of Rohingyas, Myanmar government has completely ignored the evidences. The government, rather, keeps committing crimes against this ethnic minority. That is one of the reasons why Rohingyas refuse to collaborate with authorities in Bengalizing them (Rohingyas) by force.



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