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Innocent Rohingya shot dead by Hlun Tin in Rathedaung

Innocent Rohingya shot dead by Hlun Tin in Rathedaung
June 10
06:34 2015

By Saiful Rohin


Rathedaung, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — Two different incidents took place in Rathedaung, a Rohingya was shot dead by Hlun Tin and another Rohingya was killed by Rakhine extremists about 30km away from the first incident, reported by a local eye witnesses.

On 9th June at about 10pm local time, Mv. Mohammed Kasim 32, (a scholar) went to see his wife at father in-law’s house in Auk-Ne-Yar (Razarbill) Village of Rathedaung Township. During usual family conversation, the house was surrounded by Hlun Tin forces accusing of hiding rivals from Bangladesh.

Mv. Mohammed Kasim 32, (a scholar)

Mv. Mohammed Kasim 32, (a scholar)

Family members were ordered to come out of the house including children. Following the authority’s order whole family came out. Without any investigation Mv. Mohammed Kasim was shot dead on the spot based on his appearance, according to the eye witness.

Later, they searched the house but did not find any rival as they claimed. Hlun Tin left the dead body behind and ordered the villagers to bury the dead body immediately leaving no trace behind or else they will come back to do the same as they have done to Mv. Kasim, said a villager, on condition of anonymity for the security reason.


Another incident in north of Rathedaung a man named Abdul Amin son of Abdul Razak 53, from Chin Khali village  was brutally killed by Rakhine extremists.

He went to nearby Rakhine village of Chin Khali on 8th June 2015 at about 5pm to collect money that he sold some banana trees to U Aye Tun Zaw (a local Rakhine) but did not came back home at night.

His family members and relative could not go out of the village to look for him at night as Rohingyas are restricted to move during the night.

Early morning of 9th June, the villagers found him dead inside jungle nearby a Rakhine cemetery. His head was two parted by hitting with thick metal and tied him with a tree and hanged him to death, said another witness.

Abdul Amin was brutally killed by Rakhine extremists

Abdul Amin was brutally killed by Rakhine extremists

Police rushed to the spot and no Rohingyas were allowed to go near the dead body till 3 hours. Later, police called the villagers to hand over the dead body and accused the deceased of theft who went to steal inside Rakhine village, where he was killed by Aye Tun Zaw and his villagers. Police also threatened Rohingya villagers not to voice out or lodge report against the Rakhine Killers.

Family members and villagers took the body home and buried the body at about 4pm. No justice has served.

There were only 24 Rohingya villages in Rathedaung Township amidst 24 Rakhine village tracts. Three of the Rohingya villages were uprooted during the violence against Rohingya in 2012 and placed them in IDP camps in Shilkali (Chinkali) village located nearby southern-most Maungdaw. Now, “the besieged Rohingya community in Rathedaung is under pressures of the Rakhine extremists and the government forces.



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