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Increasing Brutalities in NaSaKa’s Forced Bengalization of Rohingyas

Increasing Brutalities in NaSaKa’s Forced Bengalization of Rohingyas
June 01
16:16 2013


Maung Daw, Arakan– Starting at the beginning of last May, NaSaKa (Border Security Force) carried out operations to Bengalize Rohingyas, in the village of Khawar Bil (Kyi Kan Pyin), Maung Daw, by means of force. Due to defiance of Rohingyas to participate and the Mahasen cyclone, NaSaKa, somehow, stepped back on 14th May 2013.

Today, NaSaKa came up to forcibly Bengalize Rohingyas in the village again. They are going rampant and brutal in the new apartheid tactics being used to Bengalize Rohingyas.

“NaSaKa is raiding our village again. They are looting and destroying our properties and attempting to rape our women. They are beating anyone they find before them and forcing them to give bio-metric finger prints in order to make us Bengalis.

Last time, when they raided our villages, Rohingyas men went into hiding in the forest. Rohingya women refused to participate in the process without the permissions of their men. They looted and destroyed our properties then as well” said a Rohingya villager.

“As the monsoon season has started, Rohingyas can no longer hide in the forest. They are coming back to their houses. Taking advantage of this, NaSaKa began to carry out the operation against Rohingyas again” said an elderly man in Maung Daw.

NaSaKa called on the Rohingya heads in the village for a meeting at the NaSaKa headquarter in Maung Daw, on 7th May 2012. NaSaKa tried to persuade them by means of both threats and flirts.

Another villager of Kyi Kan Pyin, referring to what NaSaKa said to the Rohingyas present in the meeting, said “if you participate in the operation, you are going to have travel permits, marriage permissions and economic opportunities. And your third generation will have citizenship. If not, it will be difficult for you to even live here.

He added referring Rohingyas reply to NaSaKa “before 1990, the government had officialy recognized our racial status as Rohingya. After 1990 to 2000, as Muslim! And after 2000, as Bengali! We don’t know what you will call us in the future. We will only participate if you re-instate our racial status as Rohingya.”

Besides, Rohingyas who refuse to participate in the operation are beaten and tortured unbearably. Such was the case with a Rohingya called Mohammed Salam S/o Sayed (Age 45), a villager of Kyi Kan Pyin. He was arrested, detained and tortured inhumanely by NaSaKa in the cell.

“He was arrested because he refused to participate. In the cell, they tortured him inhumanely, tried to take his finger prints and forced him to agree with the Bengalization terms. Yet, he didn’t do it and defied any such attempt. He was released in the end by extorting money. He might be losing half of his life-span due to the tortures. But his efforts were heroic and we want other Rohingyas to follow his path. That is because we are not Bengalis at all” exclaimed an elderly man from the village.

The similar Forced Bengalization Process accompanying with inhumane tortures has been being carried out in other parts of Maung Daw especially in Haisshu Rata (Alay Than Kyaw), southern Maung Daw. On other hand, the two-child is being implemented. The intention behind the genocide against Rohingyas is quite obvious now.



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